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You, as a small business owner, have many things on your plate. From identifying market trends to product development and from client meetings to sale of goods and services, small business owners are constantly thriving to grow their businesses and ensure sustainability in this ever-competitive global marketplace.

With your hands full with numerous tasks to attend to, you may have to develop suitable association with professionals and service providers to take care of essential elements of a business like bookkeeping, corporate tax planning and CRA.All these elements are interlinked, and it is highly important to have them in order to continue hassle-free development of your small business.

As compared to personal taxes, filing of corporate taxes requires more information in addition to the income, like, balance sheet, owner’s information, distribution to owner, payroll and GST etc.For every corporation operating in Canada, filing of corporate tax return every year is a compulsion; even if you do not owe any tax for that fiscal year.

For your small business, corporate tax returns must be filed within six months of the fiscal year end, in order to avoid the penalties. In addition, the owed taxes must be paid within three months of the fiscal year end, which if delayed, can result in charging of interest, which will be a non-deductible expense.

You, being busy with running the day-to-day operations of your small business, may find filing of corporate tax returns a tedious job and an additional burden on your shoulders. Here is where our services swoop in to simplify things for you. We, as your corporate tax accountant in Calgary, are always present to aid you in planning, filing and processing your tax returns; as well as a number of valuable services related to corporate tax returns.

What We Offer?

  • Innovative tax planning to minimize your payable taxes
  • Preparation of T2 Corporate Tax Returns and Schedules therewith
  • Preparation of General Index of Financial Information (GIFI)
  • Ensuring timely filing of corporate tax return
  • E-filing of Corporate Tax Returns
  • Filing of nil returns
  • Complex Tax Data Analysis
  • Representing your small business with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Dissemination of useful information related to corporate tax and related news

While you may set priorities in flourishing your business and aim for exponential growth, it is equally important to adhere to the corporate tax compliances. In this regard, we are here as your corporate tax accountant in Calgary, and we assure to ease the corporate tax return compliance for you with our professional approach and strategic tax planning. Contact us today and let us jointly devise the best-suited corporate tax strategy for your small business.

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