We help you keep more of what you earned

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How do we help you keep more of what you earned?

  • We are pro at finding all legally allowed tax deductions and credits available for different businesses and taxpayers. At Calgary Tax Pro, tax planning for our clients is an ongoing process, we make sure we do not overlook any opportunities to minimize taxes for our clients.
  • For every client we use Deduct, Differ and Divide (the three Ds) tax planning strategies to minimize taxes so that they can keep more of what they earned. We make sure our clients Deduct everything that is legally allowed and we Differ payment of taxes for our client so that they get to keep the money they earned for as long as legally possible and to save more taxes we make sure our clients Divide their income among family members so that their income is taxed at lowest possible tax rate.
  • We help our clients keep more of their investment income in their pockets by finding them tax-efficient investments such as flow through shares, tax exempt life insurance, tax free savings account etc.
  • We help corporate business owners to minimize personal taxes by withdrawing cash from their corporation in a tax efficient manner such as employee car and housing loans, capital dividends

About Calgary Tax Pro

Calgary Tax Pro owner Kam Grewal is former CRA audit team leader with 20+ years of CRA Audit and Appeals experience.

  • He was involved in auditing, collections, assessments, taxpayer relief (fairness), appeals
  • He supervised and trained several teams of CRA auditors engaged in audits of small and medium enterprises from wide rage of industries from small convenient store owners to multinational oil companies
  • He supervised teams of CRA Appeals officer engaged in handling taxpayers’ notices of objection from CRA audit assessments.
  • Kam Grewal trains all our bookkeepers and accountants the way he trained CRA auditors.

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Why Calgary Tax Pro for Corporate taxes

Expert Knowledge of CRA policies and procedures

When you have the inside knowledge complying with all CRA policies and procedures is lot easier. With 20+ years experience in CRA, we know them all. We make sure tax returns don’t show any red flags to CRA thus our clients can stay out of CRA radar.

Wide range of experience

Tax deductions and credits are not the same for each industry or individual. Our senior tax consultants have prepared, reviewed and audited thousands of personal and corporate tax returns from a wide range of businesses. Thus, we can help you get all tax deductions and credits that are specifically available for your business.

Cheaper, yet better

We are much cheaper than Tax lawyers but get better results during CRA audit and appeals representation. During the last two years our success rate was over 99% for income tax appeals and over 90 % for GST appeals.

CRA Audit Assistance

Do not go into CRA audit alone. Let a former CRA audit team leader help you deal we all CRA audits and Appeals.

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