CRA Audit & Appeal

We guarantee all our work and will represent our clients in all CRA audits and or exam or inquiries at no additional costs.

Help with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audits and Appels

As Calgary’s Tax Accountants and Tax Consultants we help all small and medium businesses save stress, time and money by dealing directly with CRA during Tax audits and Appels. Our senior tax consultant has worked for CRA for over 20 years as CRA audit team leader. While employed with CRA he has managed thousands of CRA audits and trained various teams of CRA auditors engaged in small and medium business audits. His expert knowledge of CRA audit procedures and policies can help small and medium business owners efficiently navigate all CRA audits and resolve CRA disputes in a cost effective manner. As Calgary’s Experienced Tax accountant, we deal directly with CRA during all stages of a CRA audit. We provide professional representation for our clients during all CRA audits, inquiries, reviews and examinations. We are Calgary’s trusted tax consultants. If we don’t agree with CRA audit findings we will file an Appeal on behalf of our client and represent our client during the Appeal process. We negotiate all our fees up front to avoid any surprises. Our goal is to provide affordable professional tax consulting services. We are cheaper than tax lawyers yet get better results during CRA Appeals/ disputes. Our fees are 100% refundable in cases where we can not help clients resolve their disputes with CRA. Our success rate during the last two years with CRA Appeals has been 99 % in income tax Appeals and 98 % in GST Appeals.


Expert Knowledge of CRA policies and procedures

When you have the inside knowledge complying with all CRA policies and procedures is lot easier. With 25+ years experience in CRA, we know them all. We make sure tax returns don’t show any red flags to CRA thus our clients can stay out of CRA radar.

Wide range of experience

Tax deductions and credits are not the same for each industry or individual. Our senior tax consultants have prepared, reviewed and audited thousands of personal and corporate tax returns from a wide range of businesses. Thus, we can help you get all tax deductions and credits that are specifically available for your business.

Cheaper, yet better

We are much cheaper than Tax lawyers but get better results during CRA audit and appeals representation. During the last two years our success rate was over 99% for income tax appeals and over 90 % for GST appeals.

CRA Audit Assistance

Do not go into CRA audit alone. Let a former CRA audit team leader help you deal we all CRA audits and Appeals.

About Us

Calgary Tax Pro Ltd. is a Calgary based tax consulting firm specializing in providing practical
solutions to small and medium size businesses so that they can comply with tax legislation on a
cost-effective manner. We provide a wide range of services from business start up,
bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll services, personal and corporate tax returns, Goods
and Services Tax (GST) returns, CRA representation.

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Why us

  • As Calgary’s experienced, affordable and trusted tax accountantsand tax consultants we take the stress and worries of paper work and CRA compliance issues away from our clients. Our clients can focus on the big picture and do what they do best, run their businesses without getting bogged down in a shoebox full of information slips and or CRA audits, inquiries and Appeals.
  • Our CRA tax audit experts, with over 20 years of experience, make sure all CRA compliance reports are accurate and filed on time. We deal directly with CRA on all audits, inquiries and Appeals and provide profession representation so that all CRA compliance issues are efficiently and effectively dealt with in a cost effective manner.
  • We go beyond numbers and provide our clients insights on how different styles and approaches could help them in their business. As their business grow, we proactively review their organization structure to minimize tax and help them with liability protection.

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