CRA compliance reports and tax returns

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) compliance reports and tax returns

Services Provided

Our CRA compliance reports and tax returns services include the following:
We are pro at preparing Canada Revenue Agency compliance reports such as GST returns, Payroll reports, all information slips, personal and corporate tax returns. Our Expert Tax consultants with over over 20 years of CRA experience can help you save money. Our services include
  • Preparing and filing Monthly, quarterly or annual GST returns
  • Complete Payroll service including Payroll remittances and summaries
  • Prepare and Efile all CRA information slips such as T4, T5, T3 T5013, T5008
  • Prepare and Efile Personal T1 Tax returns
  • Prepare and Efile Corporate T2 Returns
  • Prepare CRA GIFI statements for Corporate tax returns

We help you keep more of what you earned?

  • We are pro at finding all legally allowed tax deductions and credits available for different businesses and taxpayers. At Calgary Tax Pro, tax planning for our clients is an ongoing process, we make sure we do not overlook any opportunities to minimize taxes for our clients.
  • For every client we use Deduct, Differ and Divide (the three Ds) tax planning strategies to minimize taxes so that they can keep more of what they earned. We make sure our clients Deduct everything that is legally allowed and we Differ payment of taxes for our client so that they get to keep the money they earned for as long as legally possible and to save more taxes we make sure our clients Divide their income among family members so that their income is taxed at lowest possible tax rate.
  • We help our clients keep more of their investment income in their pockets by finding them tax-efficient investments such as flow through shares, tax exempt life insurance, tax free savings account etc.
  • We help corporate business owners to minimize personal taxes by withdrawing cash from their corporation in a tax efficient manner such as employee car and housing loans, capital dividends.

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