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CRA Audit in Calgary

CRA Audit in Calgary

You have received a letter or a phone call notifying you that you or your business is going to be subjected to an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency. Quite often a tax problem snowballs from the fact that a taxpayer does not provide the specific information sought by the CRA Auditor and reassessments are issued on incomplete or incorrect factual assumptions.

Sometimes you may not be able to provide all the information required even if you do have legitimate expenses. Recently we have seen Canada Revenue Agency use the net worth assessment method rather than factual audit technique to verify your income and expenses. Net worth assessment is not based on your income or expenses but instead based upon your personal life style.

This is an unreliable audit method and is only to be used as a last resort. Our tax expert with three decades of CRA audit experience will make sure your rights are protected and take out the stress of dealing with CRA auditor on your own. We provide both audit and appeal representation. We will work with the auditor at our office away from your place of business. We make sure the auditor assesses you in a reasonable manner as outlined by the Income Tax Act and Excise Tax Act.

If you are presently going through a CRA Audit or an audit is about to begin, please do not hesitate to contact us for your free consultation today. Let an experienced former CRA business audit team leader help you deal with CRA audit. It is often easier to address an issue with the CRA before a minor tax issue grows into a much a larger tax problem.

Newcomers to Canada?

Newcomers to Canada?

Welcome to Canada! As a newcomer to Canada you have many challenges as you come aboard. The last thing you want is tax issue with CRA. If you an employee most likely you will not have any tax issue with CRA as your taxes are deducted from your paycheque before you receive your pay cheque. However, if you still own property in your old country, receiving foreign income, or expecting an inheritance or have to bring cash or property into Canada after you immigrated, you could have tax issues with CRA unless proper documentation is available for CRA review during CRA audit. You can find very useful information on CRA website which will help you prepare and maintain proper documentation. If you still have question you can make an appointment with our tax expert who can help you prepare the required documentation.
We provide following services to newcomers to Canada:
  • Advice on ceasing or commencing residency in Canada.
  • Structuring for tax efficient ownership of real estate in Canada and foreign countries
  • Basic tax consideration for buying a new business
  • Tax minimization strategies for transfer of wealth (receipt of inheritance/ gifts)
  • Maintaining documents for transfer of cash from native country to comply with FINTRAC and CRA legislation
  • Assistance with minimization of tax on death
  • Planning for business succession or sale
CRA tax Issues

Practical Solution to CRA tax Issues

As Tax consultants we specialize in providing practical solutions to wide range of tax issues that taxpayers might have with CRA and help them stay compliant going forward:
  • Help non - filers file over due tax & GST returns to avoid prosecution by CRA
  • Help make payment arrangements on CRA debts to remove garnishees
  • Help Taxpayers reduce arrears interest charged by CRA using fairness legislation
  • Handle voluntary disclosure for taxpayers who wish to disclose unreported income without fears of penalties and prosecution
  • Defend taxpayers against director’s liability and or transfer of asset assessments
Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution

It is not uncommon to disagree with the results proposed by an auditor. You may feel like the auditor hasn’t correctly verified your income or expenses. One common example is missing receipts or unidentified deposits. At Calgary Taxpro we represent both individual and corporate taxpayers in all dealings and disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If you disagree with the proposed adjustments, we will file an appeal on your behalf. This stops the collection of all income taxes related to the assessment until the issue is resolved.

Kam Grewal is former CRA audit team leader with 20+ years of CRA audit and Appeals experience. He was involved in auditing, collections, assessments, taxpayer relief (fairness), appeals and eventually was promoted to Audit team leader in small and medium enterprises. We offer our clients specialized, confidential and effective solutions in solving all types of tax resolution issues. Contact us for your free privileged and confidential consultation today.